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  • galactocentric — gə|laktə|sen.trik adjective Etymology: galact + centric : having or relating to the Milky Way as the center a galactocentric universe …   Useful english dictionary

  • Galactocentric distance — is a star s distance from the center of a galaxy. For example, our Sun is about 27 kly from the center of the Milky Way. Galactocentric distance may also refer to a galaxy s distance from another galaxy …   Wikipedia

  • galactocentric — adjective Relative to the centre of the galaxy …   Wiktionary

  • galactocentric — ga·lac·to·cen·tric …   English syllables

  • Galactocentrism — In astronomy, Galactocentrism is the theory that our sun is at or near the center of the galaxy. Observations by William Herschel in 1785 indicated that the Milky Way was a separate disk shaped galaxy with the sun in a central position. Although… …   Wikipedia

  • Messier 87 — Virgo A The Messier 87 galaxy. Observation data Epoch J2000 Constellation Virgo Right ascension …   Wikipedia

  • Modified Newtonian dynamics — MOND redirects here. For other uses, see Mond. In physics, Modified Newtonian dynamics (MOND) is a hypothesis that proposes a modification of Newton s law of gravity to explain the galaxy rotation problem. When the uniform velocity of rotation of …   Wikipedia

  • Satellite — This article is about artificial satellites. For natural satellites, also known as moons, see Natural satellite. For other uses, see Satellite (disambiguation). An animation depicting the orbits of GPS satellites in medium Earth orbit …   Wikipedia

  • Proper motion — The proper motion of a star is its angular change in position over time as seen from the center of mass of the solar system.[1] It is measured in seconds of arc per year, arcsec/yr, where 3600 arcseconds equal one degree.[2] This contrasts with… …   Wikipedia

  • Epsilon Eridani — Starbox begin name=Epsilon EridaniStarbox observe epoch=J2000.0 constell=Eridanus ra=RA|03|32|55.8442cite web url=http://simbad3.u Ident=HD+22049 title=HD 22049 Variable of BY Dra type work=SIMBAD… …   Wikipedia

  • Triangulum Galaxy — Messier 33 Observation data (J2000 epoch) Pronunciation /traɪˈæŋɡjʉləm/ …   Wikipedia

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